Richard Parsons

I Don’t Love You Anymore – The Young Rascals

4 September 2018

Late 60’s I was into The Young Rascals (later, just The Rascals) as they released a succession of singles that caught my attention – they weren’t necessarily hits, although “Groovin’” was a monster – but I enjoyed the philosophical lyrics allied to the sophisticated production elements…

Alone Again Or – Love

28 August 2018

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a copy of the seminal psychedelic album, “Forever Changes” released first in 1967? Maybe it’s passed you by; if so, then this song should give you a flavour of what to expect with its gentle guitars, harmonies and orchestration…

Part 38 – Given Circumstances

28 August 2018

The White Horse Hotel, where I’m to meet Miss Dazzle, is on the outskirts of town. It has rooms, and a reputation for decent food. ‘Reassuringly expensive,’ says Biggles.

I’ve taken a ridiculous time getting ready, changing in and out of clothes, staring at myself in the mirror, before getting a grip. Does it matter what I wear? Why not just be myself? Like I said I would be. And just what am I expecting – hoping? – to happen? In truth, I’ve stopped pining for her. Barely give her a thought.

 And yet…over the past few days…

Pinzells – Joan Bibiloni

21 August 2018

Well, I do like a bit of laid-back acoustic guitar and when it’s allied to that oh-so-smooth Balearic background stuff….well, it HAS to make this curation! Don’t be fooled by the spelling of the Christian name – Joan is a guy!…

Part 37 – Given Circumstances

21 August 2018

September 1980.

It’s the start of a brand new academic year. My fourth at Fitzie’s. No more the new boy. Instead there are others who’ve arrived, fresh faced, new shoots, following more pruning by the Big Cheese. Out with the old; in with the new…

Part 36 – Given Circumstances

15 August 2018

 I’m considering tidying my study at the end of that summer term 1980. Three years almost done and dusted, it contains anything of my world that isn’t at Orchard Cottage. The detritus of school admin lies cheek by jowl with correspondence; lesson plans; old essays; class lists; mark books; cricket scorebook; paraphernalia. There are piles of play scripts, scattered across the floor. A box labeled “Mum.”

Simon and Garfunkel play quietly on the cassette…

British Summertime – Bent

15 August 2018

Well, with the UK in the midst of its best summer sun since 1976 – heatwave! – what could be better than a chilled song that radiates Englishness? Bent (Simon Mills and Neil Tolliday) are one of my absolute favourite downtempo mixers/samplers from the turn of the millennium…

Summertime (Sweat Mix) – Deep Dive-Corp

31 July 2018

“Summertime” from the musical “Porgy and Bess” must have been covered endlessly, but this version, which I first heard in Brazil on a mix album called “Emiliano 2” really hooked me…it’s different!…

Part 35 – Given Circumstances

31 July 2018

I’ve been home for Christmas. Mum’s feebler. Small voice. ‘Can you get your own tea tonight?’

The Lent term of 1980 starts depressingly. January blues. I can’t even bask in the reflected glory of “The Mikado.” Full houses, bursting. ‘More!’ Even buying a new album – “The Return Of The Durutti Column” – filled with optimistic spring sounds, can’t diminish my sense of loss.

I spend dank dark afternoons freezing on the hockey playing fields. I should be more motivated, but really I’m finding my concentration telescoping into two areas. Drama and cricket…

Part 34 – Given Circumstances

24 July 2018

The smoke from the encore of the opening night of “The Mikado” is still hovering. The auditorium’s gradually emptying. No sign of The Big Cheese.

‘Well done, sir.’ Someone from stage crew scurries by.

‘Thanks. And well done you guys as well. Very slick.’

‘We’ll get more encores tomorrow. And Saturday’ll be mental.’ He grins and hurries away….