Richard Parsons

Part 48 – Given Circumstances

5 November 2018

November 1982.

‘Be sorry to see you go.’ Biggles is fiddling with his ‘tache as we sit in the staff common room. ‘Are you sure you want to leave?’

‘It’s only an interview. No guarantee I’ll get the job.’

 ‘What are they looking for?’

 It’s a new post.’ I wave a piece of paper. ‘Director of Drama.’ …

As Falls Wichita So Falls Wichita Falls – Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays

30 October 2018

From the album of the same name, this twenty minute monster is a masterpiece; a musical narrative that might be a film score, but isn’t!…

Part 47 – Given Circumstances

30 October 2018

In the morning of the twenty seventh of August 1982, the phone ringing wakes me.

I’ve had a disturbed night, despite spending the evening at the Flyer – ‘Another pint!’ I pump money in the jukebox. Happy music only. Norma makes a comment. ‘You look like the cat what got the cream. You won the pools?’ Hands me her glass. ‘A G and T. Double.’…

Castellorizon – David Gilmour

23 October 2018

Is David Gilmour the “real” sound of Pink Floyd?

If, like me, you’re something of a Pink Floyd fan then no doubt you’ve already struck gold by listening to David Gilmour’s solo album from 2006 “On An Island” from which this track is taken…I guess if you haven’t then you’re in for a treat…

Part 46 – Given Circumstances

23 October 2018

I’m just staggering back from the Flyer one evening in the middle of August when the phone goes at Orchard Cottage. I briefly consider ignoring it but instead turn down Toto.

…it’s a feeling you never belonged to me…”

‘Hello?’ I grump.

‘Oh there you are…”

Part 45 – Given Circumstances

16 October 2018

May 1982.

A few more weeks of summer term and that’s it. Five years done. Where have all those years gone?

‘Fuck man, what you gonna do? Slit your wrists? Och. She’s all over you and she’s a real babe.’ …

Cleo – Fragile State

16 October 2018

Fragile State were another one of those short-lived electronica collaborations like Lemon Jelly that seemed to proliferate at the turn of the millennium – a golden age for sampling and downbeat. FS were formed by two guys, one from Zero 7 – Neil Cowley – and Ben Mynott…

The Cinema Show – Genesis

9 October 2018

Now this is the real McCoy, from Genesis’s best album (in my humble opinion) – “Selling England By The Pound” – released all those years ago (1973!) and featuring Peter Gabriel of course. They’d already broken new ground with “Foxtrot” and “Trespass” with their lengthy rambles into instrumental riffs allied to absurdist lyrics from Gabriel – have a listen to “Get Em Out By Friday” or “Supper’s Ready” if you want a real taste of that!..

Part 44 – Given Circumstances

9 October 2018

September 1981.

‘So. Inspection.’ The Big Cheese’s addressing the staff at the beginning of my fifth new academic year. In full swing.  

My own relationship with him has gradually morphed from outright fear to grudging respect. In turn, he even occasionally tries to share a joke with me nowadays as if somehow, I too have morphed from dangerous deranged specimen teaching an irrelevant subject to a young radical bringing in valuable and valued new pupils…

Part 43 – Given Circumstances

3 October 2018

The silence between Cher and I thickens; just the piped music insinuating.

“…sometimes I don’t know what I will find…” 

This is moving things on. Clive could be in here. Consenting adults. Like with the Femme Fatale. Is that what I want? Is that what Cher wants? Or will it just complicate things? Make things awkward after.

And then something clicks…

Daydream In Blue – I Monster

3 October 2018

This is one of those electronica songs I first heard quite by chance on a late-night radio show back in 2001…and was thoroughly annoyed that the DJ failed to give me a name check of either the track or the artist! Ah!!! Now what? How to find it?…

Part 42 – Given Circumstances

26 September 2018

I’ve lazed the early weeks of summer holiday 1981 away. Bit of cricket. Bit of social. Lot of thinking. Bought a copy of “Face Value” by Phil Collins which is welded to my turntable.

To my surprise, on the morning of summer school starting, I’m awake early, a stirring in my guts. Why?…