Jorge Pedbra


Yorgos has been listening to music and discovering different genres/subgenres for over 20 years now, and it all truly began for him with Gorillaz, Daft Punk, and Audioslave.

Those bands marked his music taste for what he is today, it also helped him develop a very strange yet interesting personality (although he's never really been too eager to socialize constantly). He's a pretty laidback guy who's easy to talk to but can sometimes be misinterpreted because of his blunt and accentuated way of speaking and thinking. He's good willed and harmless.

Back in 2006 he was having an overwhelmingly good music boom and not all of the music he wanted to stream was uploaded in Youtube so he made it his duty to upload and share all that missing music through a channel he created called Funkroza, in there people would find all the missing French Touch / Funky House music and later one some more genres. Over time he’s amassed almost 9 million views but his golden days are yet to return.
At some point he felt like trying several music programs to remix his favourite songs but most of them were, in his words, “pretty trashy”. After some years he slowly drifted away and semi-abandoned it but has got fully back to it in 2020.

While he's always had trouble reading because of apprehensive problems he's always had a thing for philosophy, and philosophizing. This is also a very important thing for him when it comes to music. He is a natural overthinker and music is one of the subjects.

Nature is also a very appealing thing to him, it's what drives his feelings into the very best version of themselves.

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Yonderboi – Fairy of the Lake

14 October 2020

Everybody has their own definition of “better” and not everyone can be “happy” all the time, some people understand happiness as something extremely simple and easy to achieve, while others require a lot of effort on behalf of their environment to achieve said happiness.

Freescha – Phantas Me On The Opera

14 October 2020

What if something or someone is controlling what we do?, is there anything we can do about it?, should we suffer the consequences of what we can’t control?

Yello – Tool in Rose

7 October 2020

How far back can your memory go?


7 October 2020

Feeling bad is not always wrong, there must be balance.

MNDSGN – Homewards

28 September 2020

Time to go back and look for new experiences.

Gold Panda – Lonely Owl

28 September 2020

The mind is rushing through every single experience you’re having and interprets it as whatever stimulus you decided to follow.
At that point everything is an unjudged little thing.

Nosaj Thing – 2222

22 September 2020

Even writing down a dream might not be enough to fully remember and re-live it.

Alexander Aultman – Salad Days

21 September 2020

Time can be on our side, or not. It’s the mindset that matters for you cannot control everything that’s happening around you.

Rafting Starlit Everglades – Baths

11 September 2020

You’re on your way back home and need a quick reset for the commute to go by in a second.

Baja Samba – Monster Rally

11 September 2020

You wake up after a heavy thinking night, unsure if what you did/said was good or taken the wrong way. There is nothing else you can do but think of possible scenarios.

Another Divine Joke – Lo! Peninsula

2 April 2019

With a track title like “Another Divine Joke”, how could it not be right for the playlist. This opening track from the debut album by “Lo! Peninsula will take you on a cosmic cruise past the pineal gland and blast a hole through the back of your cranium….

Move – Saint Motel

23 August 2017

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