Ben Young

Ben Young lives a life of polarity. He has split his life between the coasts: half his life on the West (California) and half on the East (Georgia and Virginia). He has pursued careers in the art world (film school graduate) and the corporate world (executive with Fortune 500 companies). And he is Biracial, the personification of being two things at once. Ben’s musical influences were formed by music loving parents, raised in a world of John Coltrane and John Lennon, James Taylor and James Ingram, Huey Lewis and the News and Prince and the Revolution. Saxophones, electric guitars, synthesizers, and breakbeats filled the air Ben breathed from birth. And being born one year after the birth of Hip Hop, Ben has been joined at the hip with the genre his entire life.

Rags – Chef

30 January 2021

Time to start stacking (or cooking) your cheddar, provolone, mozzarella with this breezy 2019 track

Travellin’ Man – DJ Honda feat. Mos Def

19 January 2021

Get me outta here! Deuces for the last time to 2020 and get your 2021 travellin’ plans in order with this 1998 classic dj honda/Mos Def track.

Chase It- Kosher, Eerf Evil & Joe Beard

22 December 2020

Remember, it’s all about the journey, pace it.

The Curse – Yellow Days feat. Mac Demarco

11 November 2020

This year is bananas, amirite? Maybe not the best time to be quitting jobs and all that, but hey, everyone’s gotta live their life to the fullest, pandemic/contested election or not. For the adventurous, this month’s featured track, “The Curse,” is a must listen. Performed by Yellow Days and featuring Mac Demarco, The Curse is The Cure for those needing that kick out the door. Maybe our current president could benefit from a spin or two?

The Edge of New Clothes – Open Mike Eagle

27 October 2020

Dude can really rap, and not rap as defined by Hip Hop Twitter (i.e. 20-year old suburban kids). Real rap. Poetic lyricism, expert flow, soulful musicality

freetime – Schwey feat. Satchy

12 October 2020

Start off your newfound escape by grabbing a drink and playing this track. Either Johnnie or Crown will do.

Harder Than My Demons – Big Sean

22 September 2020

The trials and tribulations of Big Sean have been thoroughly documented over the past decade. It’s that perseverance and devotion to God that he raps about on this track, that manifests itself as success despite the obstacles.

CUT EM IN – Anderson .Paak

1 September 2020

CUT EM IN is just another hit off the assembly line. Throw in a tight Ricky Rozay verse and you have a track that can’t be played enough.

Why Don’t You – Cleo Sol

17 August 2020

This is a summer vibe, that kick-off-your-shoes-relax-your-feet-just-kick-it vibe. If you ever needed to hear a message in 2020, this is it…

Know My Rights – 6LACK Feat. Lil Baby

9 July 2020

A$AP Rocky. Ty Dolla $ign. !!!. CHVRCHΞS. And our artist of the week: 6LACK. These artists are instigators. Symbols and numbers in names were supposed to end with whatever Prince called himself, but here we are.