Abdallah Harati

Bringing Brazilian Music to The World. What is Brazilian Guitar, or “Violão Brasileiro” (in Portuguese)? What about Choro or Seresta? What about Samba? Whether it's São Paulo or Mexico, Dallas or Dubai, Hanoi or Nairobi, Munich or Helsinki, Abdallah Harati uses his guitar to create an insight to the soul of Brazil. 

Musician, producer and business strategist, Abdallah Harati is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, grew up in São José dos Campos and since 2015 has been established in Munich, Germany. Prior to that, Abdallah has lived in Guatemala City, Mexico City , San Juan, Dallas, Stockholm, Dubai, Hanoi and Nairobi.

Since the pandemic started, early 2020, Abdallah has released several singles and 1 EP independently in the most popular digital music platforms. His songs were featured in famous blogs like All About Jazz (https://www.allaboutjazz.com), added to the "Relaxing Spanish Guitar" and "Violão Brasileiro" Spotify Editorial Playlist. Abdallah is reaching approximately 2500 streams per day. Additionally, Abdallah is also producing other independent musicians and artists, under the Harati Media label. Several collaboration videos, with remote musicians in different parts of the world, were created by him and generated lots of traction in the virtual environment.

In his childhood, Abdallah grew up in a musical environment not only with his mother but also with his grandparents playing traditional Brazilian music. Uncles and cousins, some amateurs, other professional musicians, music quality was always a must. 

He started learning music with flute, piano and finally the classical guitar. However, the home influence of Choro, Seresta and Samba was very strong. Graduated as Electronic Engineer, at the College in Bauru (countryside of São Paulo, Brazil), he had several programs to his credit at the Radio UNESP and performed several concerts. He had the pleasure to appear as the opening acts for famous artists such as Oswaldo Montenegro and Tom Zé. Awarded as best guitar solo performer at the USP Music Festival in 1994 and 1995, he was already part of the Choro Club in São José dos Campos. He was part one of the most important Choro initiatives (Escola Portátil de Música), led by Luciana Rabello, Maurício Carrilho, Pedro Amorim, Álvaro Carrilho and Celsinho Silva. He has travelled all over the world and spent time at Berklee College of Music in Boston and Granada, Spain, at the Carmen de Las Cuevas.

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