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Bubiztuzak is a psychedelic rock band from Turkey. Bubituzak can be described also as a ‘space rock’ band, with their peculiar lyrics. The band members are Ali Güçlü Şimşek (guitar/vocals), Görkem Karabudak (bass guitar/keyboard/vocals) and Emrah Atay (drums/vocals). They formed the band after their previous one, ‘Çilekeş’ by swapping their instruments and with the addition of Emrah Atay. They are also the band that plays with the Turkish singer ‘Gaye Su Akyol’.

Their song ‘Harakiri’ starts with a long intro that consists of a strong and cranked guitar solo. After it, brass instruments create the bridge between the intro and the song. The song continues with a strong bass sound and drums that go together perfectly. Ali Güçlü Şimşek’s vocals carry the song forward with a touch of crunch and strength.

This song reminds me of the Anatolian breeze blended with psychedelic rock. It carries me to the space from my own room. I listen to this and I let Bubituzak take my soul out of my body for an astral projection.

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About the curator - Ada Bayramoglu

Ada Bayramoglu - Music to Curator

Ada is a high schooler from İstanbul who cannot be seen without her headphones. She is a “support your local” kind of girl who knows all the best places to drink coffee in her hometown. Her subconscious is full of “Turkish Classical Music”, which she has been listening to since she was born.  She likes everlasting conversations with her friends about music and art. If you don’t know where she is just look at the nearest concert hall and she’ll be there.