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Music to Conquer Mountains
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One, two, three, four. Going all the way. “Northern Territory” drives you, the steady beat formed by drums, bass and guitars stomp like a steam engine. Onwards, onwards!

“Northern Territory” is one of the cuts from Dutch band Alamo Race Track’s sophomore album Black Cat John Brown (2006). You can hear the influence of the English Channel. Shredding guitars, reduced licks and a steady beat draw from the greats of New Wave and Britpop like the Stone Roses, Pulp or Manic Street Preachers. The lyrics, too, are focussing on topics such as smashing bottles and dancing the night away in city lights. 

It’s not exactly a track relating to conquering metaphorical or literal mountains, I’ll give you that. But songs have layers. The musical layer to me is very motivating, galvanizing. Plus for how ever fun and rewarding it is, who says dancing until morning isn’t hard work is a liar. Or stays in a lot and doesn’t have a clue. 

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