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A couple of weeks ago, I completed the “30 Day Song Challenge”. Basically you’re given instructions to pick a song for the span of 30 days. Some - "a song about drugs and alcohol," or "a song that’s a cover by another artist" - were easy. Some, like “a song by an artist with a voice that you love,” were harder. There are just so many singers whose voices I love! But, after tossing and turning and mulling it over it kind of was a no-brainer. I just had to pick Lisa Hannigan. 

Again, this story starts with the time I was interning for Rolling Stone magazine in Berlin. I was covering the Artist to Watch section on the website and spent a lot of hours researching the web - which, you may remember, is how I discovered bands like 1, 2, 3. Then, one day, I think it must have been August or September, I stumbled upon Lisa Hannigan and her song “Knots”. Her voice had me hooked instantly, as did her whimsical arrangements, her witty lyrics and her absolute joie de vivre. I mean, just look at that music:

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