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During my break I was swamped with some seriously outstanding Submissions. This week I have Morosity with their track Death Grip.... This track immediately got my attention and for obvious reasons... it actually reminded me of the score from Cave and Ellis's "The Proposition" and it's probably worthy of sitting on a Cinematic soundtrack such this.

 This Alt-Rock five-piece delivers such a dark track with a hard hitting message however you'd like to receive it! The Vocals and Violin take it to the next level for me emphasising just how dark the lyrics actually are.

  In My opinion only, the bigger picture is the need for tighter gun laws and getting real about gun free school zones. Furthermore mental illness, within the youth of our community surely needs to be dealt with on an equal par. We are evolving, advancing and adapting to the ever changing world of force fed Technology... Except the way we educate our youth in archaic institutions. It's so easy to see how individuals can unfortunately slip through the cracks of our system, with no one ever knowing they are struggling in the steam, weather they are Students, Businessmen, Teachers, Parents or Construction workers etc, Mental illness has no prejudice, It affects anyone and everyone..... 

I'm sure you enjoyed the track as much as I did, and you'd like to find out more about Morosity, visit them on the social and streaming links below.

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