We're stoked to announce the launch and distribution of our second home grown Music to track - Himalaya.  Working once again with UK producer Matt Jenko of Ellipsis, this time we've gone with another Chillhop style track.

Similar in nature to Matt's first track Clarity, Himalaya is a different vibe and feel, here's how Matt describes the track:

I’ve used a mix of world instruments and sounds of my own creation to bring to life an atmospheric soundscape that truly takes you to the mountains, all of which is carried along by a grooving hip hop beat and a deep-valley bass line.
— Uk Producer - Matt Jenko

You can check it out on the Music to Save The World Playlist, The Music to Write An Essay Playlist and it's sure to be added to a few more.  If you're looking to be inspired, to get that energetic boost that will lift you up over the obstacles in your way - check it out!

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