Girl Anachronism – The Dresden Dolls


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Higher Fire – SUN

12 May 2020

There are some songs that resonate somewhere deep inside, in a place where even full volume can’t reach…

Nauseous/Devilish – Vegyn ft. JPEGMAFIA

14 April 2020

JPEGMAFIA has reached new heights in the past year, breaking rules and conventions the whole way through. His 2019 album All My Heros Are Cornballs, jumps all over the hip hop spectrum, from distorted loops and autotuned verses to electronica dance beats and tender lofi melodies…

Deceptacon – Le Tigre

30 March 2020

This track doesn’t apologize for anything, and still urges the listener to dance…

Abby Yaeger

Abby Yaeger

About the curator - Abby Yaeger

Abby Yaeger always keeps an eye out for the weird and the wonderful. As a journalism student in Montreal, she walks whenever she can, usually without any specific destination in mind. Weather permitting, she’ll sometimes stop and sketch, or just sit and watch the people that pass by. As a writer, she hopes to support artists and creatives who see the world for the messy, strange, and wonderful place that it is.