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Delorean Dynamite – Todd Terje

11 December 2017

Miami Vice is back!!! I mean c’mon, this guy is simply a genius!! It could be Tron meets Nightrider or something, however 

I can totally see myself riding a futuristic motorcycle in the neon lights of the city and be an agent on the hunt for… well, that is in your phantasy to decide, but mine is huge in this case and the lust for a nightly adventure is simply of the charts!!

Half Mast – Empire of the Sun

8 December 2017

The sound feels a bit like in the good old 1980’s, when love was so much simpler, ha ha. This is one of my favorite ‘Empire Of The Sun’ songs, it’s so romantic, melancholic and dramatic – a couple is fighting, and he tries to get her back. It feels almost like when Prince was trying to get his girl back in Purple Rain and I mean, which women doesn’t want that?!

Genesis – Grimes

8 December 2017

When you are with Grimes, especially with this track, you are in the world of the etheric, the phantasy, of beauty, of fairytales, of the other spheres and also – of gaming. The sound is dramatic, girly and yet so strong.