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Sunrise – Mino (송민호)

11 November 2020

“Sunrise” is the penultimate song in the album “Take” released by Mino on October 31 this year. It may be the echo of the sixth song “Daylight” in this album. When autumn is approaching, a pair of lovers fall in love in “Daylight”, and the beloved woman is like “a ray of light that never fades.”

Hope – Mino (feat. Yoo Byung Jae)

30 October 2020

Mino’s vocals wandered in the melody, smoothness, and interesting rhymes of the track, highlighting his strong rap techniques and representing a tone of strong and clear commands. Even though Yoo Byung Jae is not a professional singer, his lazy voice matches this song.

But, Are You? – Heize

30 October 2020

The music patterns of R&B, neo-soul, and jazz hip-hop combine into the song to full in calm and melancholic tunes. The voice of the singer-songwriter Heize is gentle, relaxing, but powerful.

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