Turnmills – Maribou State


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Opal (Four Tet Remix) – Bicep

20 January 2021

I absolutely love this song and, perhaps more so, the memories that come with it. It sends me back to some of the best days of my life, living in my student flat in Glasgow. Isn’t that such a great quality about music? I guess that’s what helped grow my profound love for this song.

Krack – Soulwax

30 November 2020

‘Krack’ is a great example of what Soulwax are all about – a unique combination of rock and electronica laden with pounding baselines and minimalistic vocal chops.

Let’s Just – Tommy Farrow

24 November 2020

The track moves along with a Frankie Knuckles-esque break beat, whilst cutting between synth pads and chopped vocal hooks which creates an atmosphere completely new to me.