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Opal (Four Tet Remix) – Bicep

20 January 2021

I absolutely love this song and, perhaps more so, the memories that come with it. It sends me back to some of the best days of my life, living in my student flat in Glasgow. Isn’t that such a great quality about music? I guess that’s what helped grow my profound love for this song.

Turnmills – Maribou State

13 January 2021

Whilst much of this album, Kingdoms In Colour, relies on featured artists for their vocal chops, it’s the instrumental interludes which got me hooked. ‘Turnmills’ is a fantastic example of how you can make a track sound electronic without the staple electronic instruments such as synths and drum machines.

Krack – Soulwax

30 November 2020

‘Krack’ is a great example of what Soulwax are all about – a unique combination of rock and electronica laden with pounding baselines and minimalistic vocal chops.

Hugh Kelly

Hugh Kelly

Music was not something that seemed to initially come naturally to me. After a couple of unsuccessful choir auditions and a few unfruitful attempts at learning the piano in my younger years, my parents decided that perhaps I was just not musically inclined. It was very soon after this that I was given my first guitar at age 10 - an old Strat copy from the 70s with frets jutting out and tuning pegs rusting. Regardless of the state of the instrument, it sparked a profound interest which has only grown until the present day. Fast forward to now, having just completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Composition and Performance from the University of Glasgow as well as a continuing career as a self-releasing musician, I am delighted to be joining the MusicTo team. Having seen streaming services from both the consumer and artist perspective, MusicTo certainly has the ability to provide great interest to both sides of this streaming dynamic. www.hughkellymusic.com