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Waves – n o r m a l

14 September 2020

This track is chill, psychedelic, like a mix, between a late-night walk and an outer space odyssey, crazy keys and burning sax solo, there are so many little details I enjoy of this track, is like if every time I listen to it I keep discovering more stuff on it, more sounds, more melodies, is just layers and layers of galaxies for our ears to explore, definitely looking forward to the full thing.

Memory Shards – Önigirisu

17 August 2020

This week’s track was seasoned and cooked at home. I am the worst critic of my work, always slapping my own little mistakes on my face and telling myself how bad my mix was…

Winter Nights – Dormio

28 July 2020

Late evening hours are one of my favorite moments of the day when I’m just chill in my bedroom texting my family or friends, listening to music, reading, or just waiting for that special message of someone I am starting to feel connected to…