Bertha (Live at Jahrhundert Halle) – Grateful Dead


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Andreas Whyte

13 May 2021

About the curator – Andreas Whyte My love for music has probably s...

Music to Make You Smile – Fiona Joy Hawkins

10 July 2020

A smile is worth a thousand words… The need for music that makes you smile is more important now than ever before. The number one infectious human emotion is joy and often it starts with a smile. When we see it, we feel it and then we are compelled share it. These songs share their joyful energy to make you feel good and connect in a positive way. For serious people, this playlist comes with a warning: you may feel like dancing.

Music to Raise a Fierce Child – LaLa Tigers

24 June 2020

Most children’s music makes me want to gouge my own eyes out with a ball point pen. Repeatedly. So if you’re like me, but you still want your kids to absorb some great messages about life, here’s a ferocious mix of clean and positive songs, to help you raise an awesome human. Raar!…

Dan Rendine

Dan Rendine

Bio - Growing up in the north western part of NJ, I’ve gotten to experience a taste of different musical influences from the old school era hip hop of NY to the classic rock blue collar sound of Springsteen to the angsty suburban teen punk emo scene. This led me to pick up a pair of drumsticks and start playing which I’m lucky enough to currently do. Graduating from Bloomsburg University in 2016 I’m now residing in Philly with my band Moonroof (whom I met while in college). Music has become more than a passion and I’m beyond excited to share what influences me as a listener. If you want to keep up with myself or my band, check out our social media below! •FacebookSpotifyBandcampInstagram