Marc James

The Silent Type – Umphrey’s McGee

7 November 2017

After 20 years together as a band Umphrey’s McGee set out to record the album “it’s not us”. This would be the 11th time the band has released a full-length studio album. The first single from the upcoming album is “The Silent Type” a fresh and catchy new sound from a band that’s musical versatility is unmatched in music today.

Bump and Sway (Live) – Deep Banana Blackout

24 October 2017

Everyone has a few of those albums that you always go back to, what are some of  yours? One of mine has always been Deep Banana Blackout’s Rowdy Duty. Its been apart of my life for nearly 20 years and at this point feels more like a conversation with an old friend than a recorded musical performance.

Rebubula – moe.

18 October 2017

moe. gave birth to Rebubula on December 30, 1994 at the legendary Mecca of Jamband music, The Wetlands Preserve in NYC.   This infectious eleven minute guitar jam was always a playlist staple of mine.

Bertha (Live at Jahrhundert Halle) – Grateful Dead

18 October 2017

This past summer I finally took in my first Dead show, not that I missed the bus so to speak, but I had never chance to fulfill that goal. Once the music started to flow I instantly felt at home. The vibes being shared by the legion of like minded kind people reminded me of why I fell in love with Jamband music all over again. Much like life music is an experience. Share it with good people.

Watermelon In Easter Hay – Frank Zappa

18 October 2017

Watermelon In Easter Hay is one of Frank Zappa signature guitar compositions. Though not his most complex, its haunting melodic riffs will transpose the raw emotion flowing from Frank’s fingers.

Love and Greed (Live) – Blues Traveler

18 October 2017

For me personally, Blues Traveler will the band the opened my ears to the word of improvisational rock. I have been Fellow Traveler for over 20 years  and have seen some legendary shows but the day I went to the ‘96 H.O.R.D.E Festival forever changed the path my life would take…or at least made it more groovy.

Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream

17 October 2017

The circumstances in-which this iconic track from Cream was recorded under are almost as legendary as the track itself! Drummer Ginger Baker was so stoned at the time of the recording they had to duct tape the sticks in his hands. Take note to the simplistic driving rhythm of the drums early in this track.