Still Learning – Halsey


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On My Way – Machel Montano

29 April 2020

Dread and anxiety makes you feel like time is moving faster and it’s hard to catch the next breath or find a moment to slow down, or worse – it keeps you stuck and moving nowhere…

Courage – Celine Dion

17 March 2020

Uncertainty has a way of shaking our ground, our minds, and instincts. It has a way of shaking our beliefs and our faith…

Big Dummy – Cocoa Sarai

11 March 2020

If no one hasn’t told you yet that you’re crazy when you tell them your dreams, you’re not dreaming big enough…

Sabrina Marcel

About the curator - Sabrina Marcel

Sabrina Marcel also known as Souliél (pronounced Sole-lay), is spoken word poet, songwriter and lyricist. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and from Haitian descent, cultivates, influences and inspires her musical infusions and journey to break barriers, build bridges, and blend experiences by sound. She finds many muses in music as a creative. She's a media professional by day. By night, she throws on her cape to expose the aspiring creative and artistic superhero she aims to be through her works and projects as a photographer and creative content producer, along side her poetry and music. Music to her is a drug. A code. A sacred language. A moment. A vibe. When she is not creating a soundtrack to life, she's living it. Follow her here, and don't skip a beat!