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What a Y2K Teen Blasts in her Bedroom

Pump up the volume in the early 2000s – featuring artists like Alanis Morissette • Train • Elastica • The Chemical Brothers • Backstreet Boys • The Cranberries • Blur • The Libertines

Energy, Energy… Energy!!!

Loud, dancey, electrifying…whatever you wanna call it– it’s you jolt of energy you need! – featuring artists like Franz Ferdinand• Basically Saturday Night• The Frights• The Vaccines• Art Brut• Castlecomer• SWMRS

Energy, energy…energy!!!

Don’t Look Back Into The Sun – The Libertines

I really loved last week’s intro, so I thought of another great song with a great intro…

With this band I heard for the first time the genre “post-punk-revival”. What a name for a genre, right? sounds cool… can be catchy… but normal people call this as indie but of course with a “70’s vintage” influence (Aha! I bet you were not expecting this definition… which is even worse than the post-punk-revival).