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Volume II in the ‘Colours’ series, featuring artists like: Windows 96, The Midnight, FM-80, Absolute Valentine, Euan Ellis, Caspro, Carpenter Brut, Sung, Fury Weekend, Dance With the Dead


Volume I in the ‘Colours’ series, featuring artists like: Dezza, Dusky, Catching Flies, Maribou State, Cinnamon Chasers, Matt Fax, Uppermost, Phaeleh, Luttrell, Bonobo

Household Goods – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

This is a high quality production track with many layers that never gets boring!

It has a melancholic vibe to it, but when it comes to sound, voice and lyrics it is also strangely upbeat. In the minute the beat sets in, the track becomes really powerful and suddenly you feel like on a massive rave where you can let totally go of all your sadness and anger, where you can fall beautifully apart!