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Fighting Times – The Neurotics

When Neurotics frontman Steve Drewett wrote this song for the 1986 mini-album Repercussions, its chief target was the South African apartheid regime and thankfully that has long since been overturned. But every other point of reference in this rallying cry against inaction sounds depressingly contemporary. “Why are you so quiet?” Drewett asks in the chorus, “when these are fighting times?”

It’s Ok (feat. Patricia Edwards) – Ernesto Blaque

The lyrics to It’s Ok were written by Patricia Edwards way before I ever made the song. I liked it when I first heard the lyrics and then decided to write music to it. Since Patricia is based in New York and I am based In Johannesburg, I wanted the song to have both an American as well as a South African feel to it. I also wanted the song to fit in any club around the world. Hope you enjoy!