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Stargazing Radiance

Blend into the canvas as the music fades within. Featuring Artists like Cafuné, Babe Rainbow, Joyeux, The Bees, Blooms, Contour, Grimes, Golden Retriever
stargazing radiance

Tarantino Jukebox

Need a Tarantino fix? This is the playlist for you! – featuring artists like Jack Nitzsche • The Pussycats • The Statler • Brothers • T. Rex • The Antler King • The Hillbilly Moon Explosion • The Runaways • Dick Dale and his Del-Tones

Drive Your Car – L.A. Witch

When you adore a band and practically everything they’ve done, it can be a bit difficult to decide on one single track to feature on a playlist, but “Drive Your Car” became a no-brainer.

wet dreams – sundiver ca

Inside patched up pockets of humbled innovations – the sounds of sundiver ca shreds effortlessly through manically moody tunes. Brimming with dreamy, dreary and distorted modulations..

Pretty Thing – Stello

Stello mixes sounds of old and new like listening to hazy vinyl through a modern day record player. It is music with the power of transportation that allows you to wander amongst decades that can only be experienced through memories. The kind that have nestled nicely into the sounds of Stello…

Damn – Nat Lefkoff

The light air of spring is finally as warm as my morning tea, so naturally this feels like a good time to ponder the existence of self. Perhaps I can interest you in some spring cleaning of the mind, body and soul. For whatever it’s worth, I think we are all destined to explore and question the boundaries of existentialism. The kind of stuff that makes you feel lost in what is unknown and overly consumed by what is…

I Wanna Know – Saib

There is something eternally satisfying about the sounds of nature on a track that I fall in love with instantly. It may be from growing up on an island with an abundance of natures songs versus the more common surroundings of overstimulated commotions found amongst bustling cities. Both have a place in our lives but our connection to one far outweighs the other…

Gold In The Air – Jesse Woods

The soft and enamored vocals of Jesse Woods is something I immediately associated with a warm cup of tea or the warmth of the sun as it emerges from snoozing behind the clouds. There is just something about a song that allows you to simply feel good. Nothing more and nothing less…