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If We’re Damned – Jess Silk

Jess Silk’s unpretentious song of hope in a time of hopelessness encourages us to keep up the fight and hold onto each other “and we will mend – and we’ll get there in the end”.

If We're Damned​... by Jess Silk

Another Shooter – Rene Trossman

The Chicago Tribune website has a page dedicated to a weekly running total of shooting victims, both fatal and non-fatal, in the city. That such a total is needed is enough to tell you that Chicago has a very serious problem with gun crime. In 2017, there were a total of 3,386 victims of shootings – on average, more than nine every day…

Another Shooter – Rene Trossman

Welfare State – Ultrasound

Ultrasound should have been huge. Fronted by Andrew ‘Tiny’ Woods, they were an explosive art rock indie five-piece from the North of England who dared to combine glam, prog and punk and audaciously released a double album as their debut in 1999 before imploding at the turn of the millennium…