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Interview With Van Tastik by Julia Maehner – Music to Conquer Mountains

Talking to musicians, even only via email, is such a treat, especially when they can offer pleasant things such as humor and real insight. Van Tastik, an American expat living in Europe, offered just that in our brief conversation on the internet. I’ve selected his song “Drag Me to Hell” for the Music to Conquer Mountains playlist (link to song here please). Because the song is just so damn interesting, Spotify even selected him for its Delta Blues Playlist. I wanted to talk to Van Tastik about all that – his songwriting, being an expat and the power of streaming. Check it out!

Julia Maehner – Facebook Live Interview!

This was so much fun – Julia from the brilliant Music to Conquer Mountains playlist stopped in for our first Facebook Live Interview.  Julia talks about the state of music journalism in Germany, being 8 when MP3s hit the market – Andrew totally lies about his age and we end up in a great discussion on what makes a great track – enjoy…

Julia Maehner – Music to Curator Interview

My name is Julia, and I live in Munich, Germany. I’m a trained journalist and I do a lot of things – play guitar and sing, make awesome salsa and bread, write about music and hiking. My job is working as a marketing specialist for .objective Software, an IT company based in Munich. They build software for the automotive sector – autonomous driving, car-sharing and all that – as well as smart cities.