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Into The Valley – Jason Barty

A slow rhythm forms and centres us, gives us focus – breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Layer on layer, yet spacious and free, setting you up for a deeper connection in your practice

Opening – Essie Jain

Sense the stresses and strains of your day fall away as Essie’s ethereal voice works its soothing honeyed tones into you.

Move – Saint Motel

Bu şarkıyla tanışmam radyoda en çok dinlenen 40 şarkı içindeyken
olmuştu. Başka bir şey üzerinde çalışıyordum ama şarkıyı ilk
duyduğumda bununla yaratıcı bir şeyler ortaya çıkarabileceğimi

Move – Cassy

When I first heard Cassy back in my Miami days in the outdoor area of the Electric Pickle, a downtown staple of house and techno in the city I wasn’t expecting much.  The name was very familiar to me as I had heard of her before during my early love affair with Germany’s booming electronic music scene. Having actually never heard her DJ before I had very low expectations as I wasn’t the hugest fan of house music at the time.

I was a techno purist in the beginning of my electronic music journey and house music was the last thing on my mind. However I truly became a fan of Cassy that day. She absolutely blew my mind rocking a solid two-hour all vinyl set that ended up not being strictly house music. Cassy had a few techno tricks up her sleeve and after that day Cassy became one of my all time favorite DJs.