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15 Great Songs for your Vampire Ball

Vampires have power over our imagination. They tap into our fears of death, sometimes our fears of eternal life, and on Halloween, more often than not, our sense of fun. These 15 great songs for your vampire ball inspired the community to wax nostalgic, give sage warnings, and write vampire short fiction. Bite in. Enjoy!
A Vampire hovers over victim


Fast and aggressive, exactly what you wanted – featuring artists like Strapping Young Lad • Descendents • Architects • The Bronx • FEVER 333 • GHOSTKID • Loathe • The Virus

Let’s Feckin Go

This isn’t a list I’d recommend when you need to focus and get stuff done: we have plenty of other lists for that. This is a list for when you just want to feel alive. Featuring artists like: Bring Me The Horizon • FEVER 333 • Mastodon• Architects • Strapping Young Lad • Cradle of Filth • August Burns Red • Enter Shikari

American Nightmare – Misfits

 In our late teens, early twenties we were a group of loose life-styled, skate punks, surfers and alternatives. I don’t know if it was the exposure or culture of growing up on the tough working class streets, but somehow we all evolved into gas guzzling Muscle car drivers and Harley riders….. We brought our own special blend of noise pollution to the suburbs, supercharged Punk Rock and the deep gurgle of ratty V8 yank tanks.