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This Is A Low-Blur

This is a lowBut it won’t hurt youWhen you’re aloneIt will be there with you This song isn’t actually about depression. It was inspired by a handkerchief that Blur bassist Alex Jones gave to lead singer Damon Albarn. The handkerchief had a map of British shipping lanes printed on it, along with corresponding weather reports…. View Article

Mad World – Gary Jules w/ Michael Andrews

All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere…

Organic Vibes

Organic unexpected vibes from all over the world – featuring artists like Baden Powell • Monica Salmaso • Alain Péters • Fela Kuti • Anna Paes • Hamilton de Holanda • Luiz Bonfá • Quarteto Novo

Like I Want You – GIVĒON

On “Like I Want You,” GIVĒON experiences a classic case of heartbreak. On this silky smooth, soulful slow jam, he seeks to atone for broken love, desiring to reconcile with his ex.

Mercy – Anthony Hamilton

R&B singer/songwriter Anthony Hamilton, assisted by activist Tamika D. Mallory, seeks to empower and atone for the adversity, hardships, injustices, and many wrongs suffered by black men on “Mercy”.

Dissociation – Ajuni

“Dissociation,” the second career single by Indian singer/songwriter/pianist, Ajuni (Anupreet Kaur), is truly moving and thought-provoking. The artist characterizes the record as “a dark, stormy, dramatic ballad, and a melodic fusion of east and west.”

Damn – Nat Lefkoff

The light air of spring is finally as warm as my morning tea, so naturally this feels like a good time to ponder the existence of self. Perhaps I can interest you in some spring cleaning of the mind, body and soul. For whatever it’s worth, I think we are all destined to explore and question the boundaries of existentialism. The kind of stuff that makes you feel lost in what is unknown and overly consumed by what is…

Society – Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou is the goosebumps tingling on your skin making absolutely sure you feel the depths of her words. Heavy truths wander through her airy melodies. She treads gracefully along the thin veil of authenticity we suppress through the universal understanding that “this is just the way life is”…