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In the Spotlight: Alfred Nomad

Find new artists, get fresh tunes, discover unfamiliar genres with our people-powered musicto Monday playlist. In the Spotlight: Alfred Nomad
Alfred Nomad - In The Spotlight

In the Spotlight: FINKEL

Find new artists, get fresh tunes, discover unfamiliar genres with our people-powered musicto Monday playlist. In the Spotlight: Finkel

More Than Less Than Zero

The definitive Generation X mix tape to disappear in Los Angeles ca. 1983. Fuck Christmas with every directly-name-dropped and/or vaguely-hinted-at song in Bret Easton Ellis’s debut novel “Less Than Zero” — plus a couple of surprises.
More Than Less Than Zero

Polyphonic – MAYN

Rules?  Fuck ’em!

Generally – as a rule – the tracks you find on this playlist don’t have lyrics – the reasoning being that if you’re writing – you don’t need someone else’s words taking up cognitive space.  But it’s not really a rule – it’s more of a “best practice” – at the end of the day, tracks make this list if I’m able to write to them and wow – look at me typing…

MASSA – Tyler, The Creator

Hop on the freedom train with one of the standout tracks from the mid-year candidate for Album of the Year.

Loverboy – The Marías

The wistful, the wiser and the wilder side speaks louder than the rest and here arises the raspy roar of María – a lioness awakening all things ethereal and otherworldly…

Broken World – The Interrupters

Lively LA ska punks The Interrupters are calling for greater unity at a time of great division. And their song even contains a few specifics about how we might get there. Unfortunately, it’s going to require a bit of sacrifice, so, you know, just scroll on by if that’s going to be too hard…

Killing in the Name – Brass Against

This new version of Rage Against the Machine’s mould-breaking rap metal explosion of anger – as interpreted by Brooklyn brass band Brass Against – is Rage as you’ve never heard it before…

Chill Out – Yoni Arbel

Welcome to the creators of YONI. Lush arrangements of instrumental and lyrical versatility embodies the divinity of their art in all of its most empowering pieces. What we don’t understand intrigues us and at the core I think we all crave to understand why art – especially in the form of music – is so emotionally tethered to our roots. The diversity of their ensemble is sure to tingle your curious taste buds of the musical feast they have to offer…

The Idiots Are Taking Over – NOFX

As we near the end of Donald J Trump‘s second year in office, it is chastening to hark back 15 years, half-way through an earlier Republican leader’s first term, to a time when it seemed impossible to imagine a US president more self-serving, ill-educated and unworthy of office…

Made An America – The Fever 333

The Fever 333’s Made an America owes a mighty debt to epoch-making Nineties LA alternative rock act Rage Against the Machine, delivering music with a purpose, bringing the vicious vitality of Killing in the Name up to date for the Trump era with a song that reminds all Americans that their nation was founded on the backs of black slaves.