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Eyes Closed

Spin yourself away to an etheral soundscape with Maija & Matt, featuring artists like: Slow Magic, ODESZA, QUIET BISON, Odd Mob, KAYTRANADA, ford., Yppah

cool electronic?

Volume II in the ‘Colours’ series, featuring artists like: Windows 96, The Midnight, FM-80, Absolute Valentine, Euan Ellis, Caspro, Carpenter Brut, Sung, Fury Weekend, Dance With the Dead

Root Yourself To Dance

Shaken (not stirred) dancemoves that’ll get your lyrical game up-front – featuring artists like DUCKWRTH • KAYTRANADA • VIC MENSA • Tkay Maidza • Deekapz • Shay Lia • Azealia Banks

10% – KAYTRANADA (feat. Kali Uchis)

Haitian-Canadian DJ and Producer KAYTRANADA is no stranger to great collaborations, this time around he paired with Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis to deliver the disco inspired song ‘10%’ that was featured as the single from his sophomore album “BUBBA”.


Kaytranada’s At All was my first introduction to the future bass genre and the first time a genuinely enjoyed house music. This song singlehandedly made Kaytranada a cult favorite and a one of the OG’s of the future bass genre. Everyone wanted to be Kaytra, everyone had a house song but nobody had that Kaytranada flair. His swing and basslines were unmatched and those classic Kaytra synths couldn’t be replicated.