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Songs About Hating Your Job

music to survive your toxic workplace. Featuring artists like: Penguin Prison, The Wonder Stuff, Sounds Of Blackness, Kraftklub, Pink Floyd, Paperboy, Rage Against The Machine, Twenty One Pilots, Johnny Cash, American Authors, The Animals, Paolo Nutini, Music2work2
Songs About Hating Your Job

Americana Roots

Rustic, raw, wholesome, and bonafide, featuring artists like: Johnny Cash, Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, Brandi Carlile, Colter Wall, Nathaniel Rateliff, Courtney Marie Andrews, Indigo Sparks

A Crisis Of Faith…

Wrestling with the idea of a higher power in a cold and cruel world… – featuring artists like The Roots ft. Monsters Of Folk • XTC • John Lennon • Nine Inch Nails • Crash Test Dummies • Tori Amos • Johnny Cash • Prince

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

I hadn’t planned on including this song in the playlist, because while it’s a great one, it would never have occurred to me to sing it as a lullaby. But a few weeks ago, it came up in iTunes shuffle, and both my kids reacted to it immediately. My son wanted to hear it a second time. Then he asked for it a third time. Then a fourth.  After nine repeats, we made him stop and go to bed. The next day he asked to hear it on continuous repeat for forty-five minutes or so. Evidently, it made an impression.

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails

Seduced by the Johnny Cash version – I started listening to the original.

It’s really good.

You think the sparseness of the Cash version was novel – but listen to the vocal delivery here – it’s honest – at least that how it comes across –