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A Crisis Of Faith…

Wrestling with the idea of a higher power in a cold and cruel world… – featuring artists like The Roots ft. Monsters Of Folk • XTC • John Lennon • Nine Inch Nails • Crash Test Dummies • Tori Amos • Johnny Cash • Prince

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

I hadn’t planned on including this song in the playlist, because while it’s a great one, it would never have occurred to me to sing it as a lullaby. But a few weeks ago, it came up in iTunes shuffle, and both my kids reacted to it immediately. My son wanted to hear it a second time. Then he asked for it a third time. Then a fourth.  After nine repeats, we made him stop and go to bed. The next day he asked to hear it on continuous repeat for forty-five minutes or so. Evidently, it made an impression.

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails

Seduced by the Johnny Cash version – I started listening to the original.

It’s really good.

You think the sparseness of the Cash version was novel – but listen to the vocal delivery here – it’s honest – at least that how it comes across –