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River – Matrick Jones

You know when you discover a new artist and immediately know you’re going to have a long lustrous love affair with their music? This happened to me recently with Matrick Jones aka Matthew Bilić. Once again my aussie roots grow deeper into my musical garden as this funky fellow hails from Sydney, Australia. Here in the warm shadows I would lovingly like to introduce Matrick Jones, a beam of golden musical light…

Somewhere Else – Mesita

It’s finally a warm night and it is welcomed with deep gratitude. The air is pleasantly humid and light breath flows in and out of my body with gentle ease. A steamy tea brews beside me. Always. Headphones are snuggly set in each ear, eagerly awaiting to float amongst the waves of sound…

HKG – The Paisley Daze

A little funkier than your average duo. Maybe not your cup of tea yet but they soon will be. These super groovy brothers go by the names Trippy Kish Daze and Peefs Daze. They draw their inspiration from anything and everything and it’s a totally tantalizing blend of adventurous sounds on every track they create. ..