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From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack…

The soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made… YET – feturing artists like Garbage • Bruno Mars • Radiohead • Pet Shop Boys • Ultravox • Goldfrapp • Blur • Kasabian

Original Motion Picture


I don’t know what’s going on for you right now, but if you feel like you need to take a couple of hours to float down a river of sound, you’re in the right place. Hyperflow is built for that next-level of escapism, when you’re having a real hard time disengaging. Featuring artists like: Solar Fields • Jason Barty • ford. • Robot Koch • Emancipator • Cygna • IHF • L’Indécis

Into Clouds – Luttrell

I’m here looking for energy – I’m looking for deep groove – I’m looking for repetition, but not lame repetition – not something that just repeats and takes me nowhere.

I’m looking for a shepherd – a guide, a sonic soulmate that lifts me up and creates the universe while I write it all down…

Peter Gibbons – Will Herrington

And sure – the track may not be for you – and if that’s so – feel free to skip it too – but if the blues, jazz, awesome piano playing and rock solid grooves make you smile – then stick this on repeat

Sunrise or Sunset- Xanika

My track Sunrise or Sunset was inspired by the creative flow of working from home, being chill and not knowing if the light through the curtains is Sunrise or Sunset but the moment is bliss.”

Somewhere Without Lights – Aidan Tulloch

I see you – sitting at your keyboard – fingers at the ready, mind cycling with ideas and entry points – starting and stopping as each sentence leads to a dead end.

The idea of what you want to say teasingly present but unformed, elusive and hard to grasp…