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Conquering Worlds

Hybrid Orchestral Adrenaline to get you going. Featuring artists like: Olexandr Ignatov, Two Steps from Hell, Kevin Rix, David Chappell, Really Slow Motion, Leonard Bernstein, Dmitry Ustinov, Geoff Love & His Orchestra
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Fantastical Movie Scores

Let this selection of movie scores glide you through the Hero’s Journey – featuring artists like Hans Zimmer • Howard Shore • Alan Silvestri • Thomas Newman • Danny Elfman • Alexandre Desplat • Harry Gregson-Williams,


I don’t know what’s going on for you right now, but if you feel like you need to take a couple of hours to float down a river of sound, you’re in the right place. Hyperflow is built for that next-level of escapism, when you’re having a real hard time disengaging. Featuring artists like: Solar Fields • Jason Barty • ford. • Robot Koch • Emancipator • Cygna • IHF • L’Indécis

Portal — A Guide to Interdimensional Travel by Frisco Dias • powered by musicto

I’m not trying to scare you off. I just don’t want you to go hopping realities with the kind of naivety I did. You think jet lag is bad, try cosmic desynchrony. I’d take all my worst hangovers and times them by a hundred over this any night. Featuring artists like: Yotto • Emancipator • CloZee • Bonobo • vivaellipsis • Roslyn • Robot Koch • HAAi

Planets — a playlist by Robot Koch • powered by musicto

An immersive, deep listening soundtrack with ambient, electronic, and modern classical sounds to listen to with eyes closed. Featuring artists like: Jon Hopkins • Robot Koch • Four Tet • Christian Löffler • Aphex Twin • Nils Frahm • Max Richter • Radiohead

The Battle – Gladiator – Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

I so don’t want to write this.  I’m not ready.  I’m still decompressing from a gnarly 2017 and yet – if I don’t write – if I don’t publish – then nothing happens – and I sooooo want something to happen.

Time – Hans Zimmer

I’m a huge Hans Zimmer fan – oh sure, his music is just nuts – beautifully put together and always matching the film perfectly – and aside from the fact that we both use the same DAW – what I love is that I made it into one of his scores!