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Moving Forward – Colony House

Insane amount of energy in this one – sometimes the sadness is invigorating – hell – it’s an emotion…

Sand And Water – Beth Nielsen Chapman

I love the serendipity of curating a playlist – not least because you come across new wonderful music – but the way certain tracks come to your attention is fascinating.

Hope in Front of Me – Danny Gokey

Strength for Parents of Missing Children offers hope in the dark moments of having a missing child. It is a guidebook to help parents get their thought-life, spiritual life, physical well-being and mental well-being in line, to continue waiting or fighting for the return of their child.

Blessings – Laura Story

Throughout the experience of life, adversity, change, and loss effect us all, and all differently. One of the biggest concerns of these experiences that people will try to avoid them, hide from them, or turn away from them. 

Stay – Tina Angotti

Recommended by Christy Garavetto – Fine Art Photography.  Here’s how Christy sees art helping those who are grieving:

What suddenly occurred to me is that we have all of these people who are unable to deal with their own sense of loss, grief or feeling that they don’t belong anywhere – so many people are searching for where they fit in and how they fit in due to life changes or circumstances beyond their control, it spans all age groups, ethnic groups, etc.

I Can Only Imagine – mercyme

Another submission from the Grief Directory this time from Deborah Chapman Newell, author of Memories in a Daughter’s Heart.  In her own words:

I offer my own story of how I dealt with that grief, put into real perspective. My thoughts and feelings as I planned a funeral and survived that funeral…

Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran

Another submission from the Grief Directory – this time from the team behind The Life Chest.  The Life Chest with BeRemembered.com is a comprehensive storytelling product that saves important tangible keepsakes along with written accounts and digital files to share with family and friends.

How Listening To Sad Music Can Make You Feel Better

Listening to sad music after losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or finalizing a divorce might seem counterintuitive, but this somber sounding activity has been proven to help.