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Dare To Be Optimistic

Stories to ease you out of the darkness, featuring artists like: The Wild Reeds, Aimee Mann, Wet Leg, Cosmo Sheldrake, Grace Petrie, Little Milton, Ian McFarland, New Radicals

Dare to Be Optimistic

Pride – Grace Petrie

Grace Petrie’s bitter-sweet song of solidarity, Pride, movingly articulates the conflicting emotions of life as a gay person in the 21st Century – on the one hand the legacy of dignity earned by 50 years of liberal activism and on the other the rancour at a lifetime of being discriminated against simply for being who you are…

God Save The Hungry – Grace Petrie

Apparently every nation has to have an anthem. Presumably this is so that footballers can stand awkwardly before important matches, incoherently mumbling the words while a TV camera probes their faces in close-up before they’re allowed to get on with what they came for.