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Exit Songs For Your Funeral

Tracks to provide the soundtrack of how people will remember you. Featuring artists like: Fleetwood Mac, Kehlani, John Mayer, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Michael Jackson, My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd, FKJ, Peter Sauleda, Franz Schubert
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Let Me Fly – DMX

One degree of separation between me, my grandmother, and DMX

Honestly – Second Hand Poet

I’m trawling along the bottom again – I don’t know why – honestly…

It’s the not knowing that kills – and not just you, but your loved ones too as you can’t articulate and are forced to watch as they project and hurt…

I Can Only Imagine – mercyme

Another submission from the Grief Directory this time from Deborah Chapman Newell, author of Memories in a Daughter’s Heart.  In her own words:

I offer my own story of how I dealt with that grief, put into real perspective. My thoughts and feelings as I planned a funeral and survived that funeral…

The Sound of Silence – Disturbed

This track arrived by a fairly circuitous route – which is why I love music!  The seed for the track came from the wonderful people over at Love Lives On – more about them below.  They had compiled an amazing list of 150+ songs that you can use for Funerals – broken down by category.