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Let’s Get Lofi

If you need less fidelity, you’re in the right place, featuring artists like: Medasin, H E R B, Lo Fyah, Elijah Nang, Cuco, j’san, Toonorth, Audio-Nerd Music, Ouska


My battle with sleep is a tale as old as time. If I want to fall asleep, I’m chronically awake. If I want to wake up, I’m an immovable, eternal entity.

Never Be Like You – Flume, kai

Sometimes we heroes forget that at the end of the day, we’re only human. We make mistakes. Flume and kai know this, and they want you to know it to. Maybe you fucked up today—you didn’t Save the World! Maybe you even destroyed a one. That’s okay. You’re only human, and yes, you make mistakes.