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Sticky Popcorn

Sticky Popcorn is the perfect Saturday playlist for cinema addicts. Find songs from film and TV. Discover cool tracks for your next movie project or to inspire your OST.


Donia and Andrew share the tracks that evoke a wistful affection for the past, featuring artists like: Tomatito,Geoff Love & His Orchestra,Michel Legrand,Angelique Kidjo,Michel Sardou,Téléphone,Thomas Dutronc,Vangelis,Ramin Djawadi

Nostalgia - A Playlist by musicto

Tarantino Jukebox

Need a Tarantino fix? This is the playlist for you! – featuring artists like Jack Nitzsche • The Pussycats • The Statler • Brothers • T. Rex • The Antler King • The Hillbilly Moon Explosion • The Runaways • Dick Dale and his Del-Tones

The Battle – Gladiator – Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

I so don’t want to write this.  I’m not ready.  I’m still decompressing from a gnarly 2017 and yet – if I don’t write – if I don’t publish – then nothing happens – and I sooooo want something to happen.

Where’s the Deluxe Version? – Cliff Martinez

I know I normally advocate for sticking with one track and putting it on repeat – but where there’s a little more leeway is when you start to play with movie soundtracks.  We already have quite a few soundtracks on this list but I surprised myself that I hadn’t yet put up something from the brilliant Cliff Martinez.

Time – Hans Zimmer

I’m a huge Hans Zimmer fan – oh sure, his music is just nuts – beautifully put together and always matching the film perfectly – and aside from the fact that we both use the same DAW – what I love is that I made it into one of his scores! 

The Proposition #1 – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Oh yeah – I remember this one – it’s a totally killer, visual, “set the scene” kind of track.

The instrumentation is awesome.

Lily’s Theme – Alexandre Desplat

I love writing to film scores – to me they’re the quintessential essay writing music – music that was composed to help tell a story!  We know that familiar music is good for this purpose as it occupies less cognitive space and you can’t get much bigger than the Harry Potter movies.

At Last – Martin Landh

I love this – it feels like the start of a new day – full of hope – full of build – full of light and love and support and just – damn – it’s everything you want in a beautifully uplifting piece of music.

Comptine d’un autre été – Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen is one of my favorite pianist / composers – what he did with the score of Amelie was amazing – one instrument – a myriad of emotions – sheer genius.