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Matriarch — a playlist by Mary Jennings • powered by musicto

This playlist is filled with women that have proven that stereotype wrong. In fact, they have squashed it, showing that to be a mother is to be a matriarch. Rock like a mother. Featuring artists like Imogen Heap • Tori Amos • Sia • Mary Jennings • I Am Snowangel • Halsey • Adele

Made For Her — a playlist by Shaun Johnson • powered by musicto

Find your inspiration to exceed with Shaun Johnson and his Big Band Experience. Featuring artists like: Dolly Parton • Alabama Shakes • Michael Buble • Cecile McLoren Salvant • Dave Barnes • Cody Fry • Shaun Johnson & the Big Band Experience

Midnight Creep – Professor Plumb

No need to lock up your daughters when Denver, Colorado psychedelic metal four-piece Professor Plumb comes around. Midnight Creep is a rumbling, two minute heavy rock celebration of the #metoo movement, eschewing metal’s history of chauvinism, self-indulgence and egotism…

Resister – She Drew The Gun

No matter how insignificant and powerless you might feel, you can make a difference. That’s the message of Resister, which starts with an insistent 150 BPM loop and is quickly joined by a torrent of challenging ideas that don’t let up for 2 minutes 53 seconds of uplifting, infectious, political indie pop aimed squarely at motivating “the underdogs, black sheep [and] fighters of the powers that be”…

Resister by She Drew theGun - exclusive interview with Louisa Roach

Call Me Baby – Charlotte Morris

Enough is enough. This anthem for the Time’s Up generation draws on a lifetime of catcalls and vulgar remarks from men who treat women like sexual objects. And this is the moment when one woman can’t take any more. “I’m a strong resilient woman who knows how to kick your ass in,” warns New York singer-songwriter Charlotte Morris. “So call me baby one more time and then we’ll see who’s walking away laughing”…

Hot Topic – Le Tigre – Every Name-Check Explained

This long-lost end-of-the-century dance track is nothing less than a reading list of feminist and LGBT cultural and counter-cultural icons. A chorus of female voices chants noteworthy names to a hypnotic beat and the message to those who were still living at that time was clear and unequivocal: “Don’t you stop / I can’t live if you stop”.

Don’t Give Up the Ship – So Pretty

So Pretty are a DIY feminist punk rock band from Chicago who not only make a fabulous raucous noise but are also community activists in their own right, creating their own arts space for women and trans individuals.

Which Side Are You On? – B. Dolan

Rhode Island rapper B. Dolan calls out the hip-hop haters in this song that samples a folk song written for striking American miners in the 1930s.