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Songs to Address The Madness

Tracks that touch the darkness so you don’t have to – featuring artists like Slipknot • Eels • Rose Gray • Basement Jaxx • Crystal Castles • Eric Whiteacre • Opeth • Frightened Rabbit • Pearl Jam • Chris Cornell

God in Chicago – Craig Finn

At the end of the day, songs are stories – messages wrapped in sound that are designed to make you feel.  In some songs the story is simple, the lyric sparse and straightforward – often accompanied by an elaborate musical wrapper that gives the words weight – but in other songs – in a song like this – it’s the other way around.  I like songs like this…

Lord, I’m Discouraged – The Hold Steady

Sad music doesn’t have to bring you down – sometimes a sad song punches you in the gut and leaves you staggering but strangely energized.  When you have a lyricist like Craig Finn and a guitar player like Tad Kubler, you get pummeled on many different levels.