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Great Divide – American Television

Three minutes of upbeat skate punk to remind us that democracy is under threat as the rich get richer while the masses are sometimes forced to choose between food and medicine…

The Idiots Are Taking Over – NOFX

As we near the end of Donald J Trump‘s second year in office, it is chastening to hark back 15 years, half-way through an earlier Republican leader’s first term, to a time when it seemed impossible to imagine a US president more self-serving, ill-educated and unworthy of office…

Charlottesville – NIGHT featuring Guillem Duquette

A downbeat, trip hop giant, pregnant with heart-bursting emotion, Charlottesville is simultaneously a tribute to those who risk their lives to stand up against race hatred and a declaration of rage against right-wing extremists – especially those in the highest office.

The Kids are Alt-Right – Bad Religion

Legendary Californian hardcore punks Bad Religion enter the Trump era with their first new material since 2013’s True North album, a mosh-friendly 150 second burst of upbeat agit-pop, speeding up the riff from London’s Burning by The Clash, with sneaky references to the Solomon Burke soul classic Everybody Needs Somebody and of course the Who’s mod anthem The Kids Are Alright.

Call Me Baby – Charlotte Morris

Enough is enough. This anthem for the Time’s Up generation draws on a lifetime of catcalls and vulgar remarks from men who treat women like sexual objects. And this is the moment when one woman can’t take any more. “I’m a strong resilient woman who knows how to kick your ass in,” warns New York singer-songwriter Charlotte Morris. “So call me baby one more time and then we’ll see who’s walking away laughing”…

Read My Rights – Mike Frazier

When you think of the archetypal protest singer, the image that comes to mind is probably a weary, earnest, lank-haired folk troubadour gently strumming a battered acoustic guitar with all the energetic tempo of your geography teacher on a Monday morning. But along comes Mike Frazier to wipe the slate clean with a take-no-crap four-to-the-floor protest song powered by the Energizer Bunny with Tony the Tiger on lead guitar.

Looking Forward to Your Fall – Eric Anders

The word is schadenfreude – the German bon mot that describes the pleasure taken from someone else’s misfortune.

In this case, of course, as the title suggests, Eric Anders isn’t able to experience that pleasure quite yet…

Erupt and Matter – Moby with The Void Pacific Choir

Moby despises Donald Trump and everything he stands for. If you’ve watched the video for Erupt and Matter, you’ll know that, even if you don’t follow the veteran DJ and activist on social media. The sheer venom and anthemic roar of the music would be enough to tell you how he feels, even if the words weren’t written in letters that fill the screen. This is a pounding techno incitement to riot under the banner “we don’t trust you any more”.

P.O.W.A – M.I.A.

“Say this is people power / Throw up my finger and I’m taking on the Tower”. Taking pot shots at The Donald is all fine and good but it is so much better when it’s done by a daring, eclectic, unpredictable original like Ms Maya Arulpragasam. An activist and a true artist of rap, MIA’s POWA is a unique mix of doo-wop loops, laid-back, bitter rhymes and Tamil folk percussion.

Demagogue – Franz Ferdinand

Smooth Scots pop art geeks Franz Ferdinand supplied this song for the excellent awareness-raising 30 days 30 Songs project in the lead-up to the US Presidential election, organised by Secretly Group’s Phil Waldorf.