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Best Dive Ever

Music to SCUBA: a soundtrack for your next adventure, real or imaginary. Prepping your gear, listening to the dive plan, chillin’ out on the boat getting all excited, and then the DIVE! As you sink beneath the waves, all cares dissolve into the world of water, sound, and beats.
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Nostalgia (With Guitars)

Journey through nostalgic sounds from the past decades, with guitars, riffs, and some killer vocals. Featuring artists like: Cream, Temples, Elliott Smith, Big Star, Sylvester, Anna Ash, Grand Funk Railroad, Greta Van Fleet

Nostalgia (With Guitar)

Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream

The circumstances in-which this iconic track from Cream was recorded under are almost as legendary as the track itself! Drummer Ginger Baker was so stoned at the time of the recording they had to duct tape the sticks in his hands. Take note to the simplistic driving rhythm of the drums early in this track.