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Stilettos and Spaghetti Westerns

Saddle up and ride through dusty deserts and tumbleweed towns…, featuring artists like: Rose Maddox, Wayne Hancock, The Gun Club, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tom Waits, David Lynch, Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs, Danzig

Guilty as Anyone – Declan Kennedy

“I’ve been wondering what it’s like to see / This country as my property / And my inheritance as God’s decree,” sings Nashville-based singer-songwriter Declan Kennedy on his upbeat, acoustic, country-folk track Guilty as Anyone, a song about coming to terms with white privilege in contemporary America and learning how to do something useful with the knowledge…

Head Held High – John D Revelator

It takes a remarkable sort of songwriter to combine a moral code passed down through the generations with a “fuck you” to a disgraced sibling and turn it into a foot-stomping, uptempo, country-folk barnstormer with a sly sense of humour that can get 1,000 Wurzels fans singing along.