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In the Spotlight: Bon-Psy

UK musician and producer Bon-Psy in the musicto spotlight Bon-Psy is Gianluca Cardinale, a London-based musician and producer, currently working with Asta Hiroki’s Folded Music imprint. His recent artist submission to our community caught the attention of musicto curator Matt Jenko. This week in the spotlight, we’re featuring his track “Carte Blanche,” from the 2022… View Article
EP cover from Bon-Psy EP Order

Sun Will Set – Zoë Keating

Zöe Keating isn’t just a killer musician, she’s also a pretty cool human being – which is why she came to mind when seeding this playlist.  A consummate musician sure – but she’s carved her own way – with a cello – which when you consider the lack of sharp edges on those things – is pretty impressive!

By Night – Sophie Hutchins

I wasn’t aware of Sophie’s work until Nicole introduced me to this track for the Music to Grieve to  playlist – I immediately fell in love.  Melancholy piano – not overdone or flashy, just a simple theme that you can hear her breathe life into – and then the cello arrives –  and it’s beautiful!