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Unexplicit Revisit to the Exquisite

Pack your bags and take a reflective trip with some exquisite Hip Hop – featuring artists like 3rd Bass • Beastie Boys • Public Enemy • Rakim • Das EFX • Ice-T • Monie Love • Gang Starr
Unexplicit Revisit to the Exquisite

Ultimate Breaks and Beats

A journey through the ultimate breaks and beats that formed the early years of Hip Hop – featuring artists like Bob James • Fred Wesley • Cymande • The New Birth • Barrabas • James Brown • Curtis Mayfield • Rufus Thomas

Who Sampled

A Collection of classic and new samples – featuring artists like The Good People • The Allergies • DJ Yoda • ASM • Mr Cheeks • Sampa the Great • DJ Format • Bronx Slang
Who Sampled

Do the Bus Stop

Reminiscing back to the late 80’s and the music that was played in my youth on the big red ghetto blaster at the local bus stop – featuring artists like LL Cool J • Run DMC • Adeva • Ten City • Masters at Work • Adonis • Luther Vandross • BDP • Busy Bee
Do the Bus Stop

dinossindStream — a playlist by dinossindgeil • powered by musicto

A DMCA-friendly playlist, played daily on stream by dinossindgeil. Featuring artists like: The Midnight • Magic Sword • Kid Quill • PRIZM • The 8-Bit Big Band • Droid Bishop • Kalax

A Further Look at Loss – Andrew Wasylyk

I was feeling sad – and I know why, but damn it’s so hard at times.

I’ve sat and watched as circumstance came in and deconstructed my defences one by one – constant pain leading to lack of sleep to lack of writing to lack of self care to lack of confidence to lack of hope to – STOP!

A Further Look at Loss - Andrew Wasylyk

4am Comedown — a playlist by Kiskadee • powered by musicto

Chill beats to calm the mind; featuring my favourite electronic, ambient and deep house tracks. Updated bi-weekly | reach-out: @kiskadee__. Featuring artists like Jamie XX • Bonobo • Kiskadee • Four Tet • Tourist • Caribou • Bicep • Weval

Think It – ORBIT 22

musicto started out with a vision to become the #1 Independent playlist site on the planet. To that end we set about recruiting amateur playlist curators with the promise that – if we all worked together under the same brand we would eventually be able to monetize our playlists – not through pay to play, but through sponsorship and ultimately single track distribution deals…

Binary Warriors – Humn_Error

Sometimes it’s just so fucking bleak – the past, the present, the future – nothing’s right – everything’s wasted, me included. At times like this – I need something simple, something recognizable, something tangible that I can attach myself to – I need sonic salve.

While the organic opening to this track is rather foreboding, the subsequent six minutes of solid 4 by 4 electronic beats feels relentlessly optimistic…

remember – smei

This debut track sways nicely. smei sings unconcerned, but collected. The beat is choice.