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(Please Keep in mind that this list is about current & classic records.) With that being said, This week its all about "Whip Appeal" by Babyface...... A CLASSIC record most definitely deserving of a spot on the Music to Soundtrack Souls Playlist this week. 

This particular track may not be for everyone, especially those who aren't love birds of some type. Its also not really for the youngsters unless they really know their stuff. Although There are some young people who do know and appreciate classic R&B from even before their time. 

BabyFace, a well known songwriter/producer at the time, released this track in 1989 off his second album entitled "Tender Lover". The song is soulful, classy, sexy, seductive & provocative. As i said, its for you and your lover just chilling out. Babyface, (real name Kenneth Edmonds) pours his heart out on this timeless classic. In any true conversation or debate on R&B, this track is most definitely a contender many feel is from the best era of super "quality" records. Touching on relationships is a dialogue that will never get old and Babyface is a pro at that. 

The video for this song is also classic with babyface in all white as well as the ladies dancing around him.  

Seductive and smooth, this is in my top 5 slow jam records of all time. 

When we go to work, how the day seems so long. The only thing we think about, cant wait till we get home. ‘Cause we got a way of talking, and its better than words....
— Babyface

I first heard this song years back and like many others agree, its a Rhythm & Blues Classic. Shout out to Babyface for this work.  Peace yall....

You can learn more about Babyface here:

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As a Music Curator, I believe I am for the people. Music is an everyday part of life for most. We work with it, explore new tunes and use it in our everyday lives. As a SUPER music lover I want to give you the best vibe for the genre... there may be songs you love and also songs you have yet to hear. This playlist is uncut, holds no punches and does not limit to audience. I hope you find my curated playlist to be an important part of your everyday lives. Let me soundtrack your SOUL....