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This week on the Music to Soundtrack Souls Playlist is something real fly by Jadakiss & Fabolous. Together they collaborate on this joint album entitled "Friday On Elm Street" released thru Def Jam along with their respective labels. (Jadakiss/D-Block Records) & Fabolous/Street Family Records). The title of this track off the album is "Theme Music". Jada & Fab definitely do their thing on this trading bars back and forth over the Swizz Beatz produced masterpiece. Swizz uses non other than Marvin Gaye on the sample. 

Soon as i heard this one i knew it was special. This is the type of rap i like to rock to regularly. Swizz is just as apparent as the 2 MC's, giving the track that upbeat energy he's most known for. The beat is soulful and it matches the wordplay they bring. Its not trap, its definitely more about the lyricism here. Fabolous starts off the Song after Swizz hypes it up with:

This that theme music, that back on your deen music, told Swizz gotta put the top down drive by my old school just to make my dean lose it
— Fabolous

Jadakiss holds no punches when doing his thing either. Him along with Fab are 2 Premiere NY MC's. Jada also known as "Kiss", hits us with lines like: 

I’m in the projects hella late, shooting dice playing spades and they selling plates. The love is for free but they selling hate
— Jadakiss

The joint album is fire, and this song is definetly one of my favorites. Salute to Jadakiss, Fabolous and of course Swizz Beats on the killer outro. New York City Stand up...

This that "Theme Music"!

You can learn more about Jadakiss here:

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