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"On your body".... A smooth, melodic track produced by "Lee on the beats" and "Bkorn" is definitely a personal favorite of mine.  

Envision yourself in full relaxation while this tune is playing loud or soft in the background. Using skillful and witty wordplay the artist formerly known as  "Chinx" (rest in peace 🙏) is riding the beat to a tee. Tragically murdered, Chinx leaves behind only 1 official album "Welcome to JFK". From this debut album which was released after his death, "On your body" was the first single off the album and hearing this track you know he was headed to stardom. 

Hailing from far rockaway queens, this track is mostly on repeat for myself throughout the day. Its perfect for a late night get away with your significant other or maybe even for relaxation/meditation. The beat is soft and playful, And the chorus is very catchy and melodic. "Meetsims" sings the chorus  while Chinx raps and offers some Insight on how us guys feel about that 1 girl you really want.  

Never pay attention to em, we just let em hate, me and shorty burning weed up by the fireplace
— Chinx

The beat on this song is fantastic, the elements change constantly,  and its a shame such a talented guys life got cut short. His murder has yet to be solved.  Chinx was a member of French Montana's "Coke boys" crew, and is surely missed. 

R.I.P. Lionel "Chinx" Pickens. 🙏

You can learn more about Chinx here:

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