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This week on the Music to Soundtrack Souls Playlist is a joint called "Mercedes Baby" by rappers Tyga featuring 24 Hrs. I chose this simply because of the vibe on the track. Its off Tygas mixtape entitled "Bugatti Raww" and It has this mystical type of feel to it. 

The two go back and forth talking to a female, giving her props and telling her all the things she wants to hear. Tyga does verses, while 24 hrs handles the chorus with a dab of auto tune. 

Its a good joint to play with your girl when your Cruising or laying back just chilling. The video is dope and Tyga is known for these records where the girls definetly like the subject matter. 24 Hrs, is a rap artist formerly known as "Royce Rizzie" (or known to his core fans as "Rolls Rizzie Royce") who had to change his name due to legal issues. 

The California MC's put out a dope video for this song as well. I'd advise you all to check that out as well. On the song they "talk that talk" with things like: 

All that fraud shit baby it ain’t me, they be hating when your diamonds HD

On the hook, "24" hits us with lines like: 

You a big fine woman you my baby, yea I’m waiting outside in my Mercedes. If i let her drive she gon’ drive me crazy
— 24 Hrs

This week, I hit you with something to lay back and vibe.. easy listening.. nothing vulgar & the ladies gonna love it. Consider your souls soundtracked yall. PEACE !!

You can learn more about 24 Hrs here:

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You can learn more about Fabolous here:

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As a Music Curator, I believe I am for the people. Music is an everyday part of life for most. We work with it, explore new tunes and use it in our everyday lives. As a SUPER music lover I want to give you the best vibe for the genre... there may be songs you love and also songs you have yet to hear. This playlist is uncut, holds no punches and does not limit to audience. I hope you find my curated playlist to be an important part of your everyday lives. Let me soundtrack your SOUL....